The City of Locarno Collection

Art Collection

The City of Locarno owns the following art collections:

  • the Jean e Marguerite Arp’s Donation, which includes paintings and sculptures by Jean Arp and by his contemporary artist friends;
  • the Nesto Jacometti Legacy, a collection of paintings and engravings from about 150 artists who collaborated in the Oeuvre Gravée (Ecole de Paris, 1920-1970);
  • the Giovanni Bianconi Donation (1891-1981), 493 xylographs e 274 woodcuts;
  • the Rudolf Mumprecht Donation, which includes all of his copper engravings;
  • the Emilio Maria Beretta Donation (1907-1974);
  • the Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco Donation (1922-1999).

Starting from spring 2019, the most significant collections of the City of Locarno are exhibited in the new museum in Casorella. The Galassia Arp, the paintings by Filippo Franzoni, the Max Bill Garden, and the Nesto Jacometti Legacy are part of Locarno’s artistic patrimony that consists of about 4.500 works, which have been kept in storage until now.
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Donazione Arp: Nadir II
Lascito Nesto Jacometti: CCL-ZA 04 077
Donazione Mumprecht: CCL-MU 01 444 G
Donazione Bianconi: CCL-BI 01 254 G